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A simple math library for games and computer graphics. Compatible with both C and C++.

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A single-file, cross-platform, public domain game math library for C/C++.

To get started, go download the latest release.

Version Changes
1.13.0 Fully inlined HandmadeMath.h. No need for HANDMADE_MATH_IMPLEMENTATION anymore
1.12.1 Added extra parentheses around some macros
1.12.0 Added Unary Minus operator for HMM_Vec2, HMM_Vec3, and HMM_Vec4.
1.11.1 Added HMM_PREFIX macro to a few functions that were missing it.
1.11.0 Added ability to customize or remove the default HMM_ prefix on function names by defining a macro called HMM_PREFIX(name).
1.10.1 Removed stdint.h, this doesn't exist on some really old compilers and we didn't really use it anyways.
1.10.0 Made HMM_Perspective use vertical FOV instead of horizontal FOV for consistency with other graphics APIs.
1.9.0 Added SSE versions of quaternion operations.
1.8.0 Added fast vector normalization routines that use fast inverse square roots.
1.7.1 Changed operator[] to take a const ref int instead of an int.
1.7.0 Renamed the 'Rows' member of hmm_mat4 to 'Columns'. Since our matrices are column-major, this should have been named 'Columns' from the start. 'Rows' is still present, but has been deprecated.
1.6.0 Added array subscript operators for vector and matrix types in C++. This is provided as a convenience, but be aware that it may incur an extra function call in unoptimized builds.
1.5.1 Fixed a bug with uninitialized elements in HMM_LookAt.
1.5.0 Changed internal structure for better performance and inlining. As a result, HANDMADE_MATH_NO_INLINE has been removed and no longer has any effect.
1.4.0 Fixed bug when using C mode. SSE'd all vec4 operations. Removed zeroing for better performance.
1.3.0 Removed need to #define HANDMADE_MATH_CPP_MODE. C++ definitions are now included automatically in C++ environments.
1.2.0 Added equality functions for HMM_Vec2, HMM_Vec3, and HMM_Vec4, and SSE'd HMM_MultiplyMat4 and HMM_Transpose.
1.1.5 Added Width and Height to HMM_Vec2, and made it so you can supply your own SqrtF.
1.1.4 Fixed SSE being included on platforms that don't support it, and fixed divide-by-zero errors when normalizing zero vectors.
1.1.3 Fixed compile error in C mode
1.1.2 Fixed invalid HMMDEF's in the function definitions
1.1.1 Resolved compiler warnings on gcc and g++
1.1 Quaternions!
1.0 Lots of testing
0.7 Added HMM_Vec2, and HMM_Vec4 versions of HMM_LengthSquared, HMM_Length, and HMM_Normalize.
0.6 Made HMM_Power faster, Fixed possible efficiency problem with HMM_Normalize, RENAMED HMM_LengthSquareRoot to HMM_LengthSquared, RENAMED HMM_RSqrtF to HMM_RSquareRootF, RENAMED HMM_SqrtF to HMM_SquareRootF, REMOVED Inner function (user should use Dot now), REMOVED HMM_FastInverseSquareRoot function declaration
0.5.2 Fixed SSE code in HMM_SqrtF and HMM_RSqrtF
0.5.1 Fixed HMM_Translate producing row-major matrices, ensured column-major order for matrices throughout
0.5 Added scalar operations on vectors and matrices, added += and -= for hmm_mat4, reconciled headers and implementations, tidied up in general
0.4 Added SSE Optimized HMM_SqrtF, HMM_RSqrtF, Removed use of C Runtime
0.3 Added +=,-=, *=, /= for hmm_vec2, hmm_vec3, hmm_vec4
0.2b Disabled warning C4201 on MSVC, Added 64bit precision on HMM_PI
0.2a Prefixed Macros
0.2 Updated Documentation, Fixed C Compliance, Prefixed all functions, and added better operator overloading
0.1 Initial Version


What's the license?

This library is in the public domain. You can do whatever you want with it.

Where can I contact you to ask questions?

Feel free to make Github issues for any questions, concerns, or problems you encounter.

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