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A collection of useful middleware for Go HTTP services & web applications 🛃

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The Gorilla project has been archived, and is no longer under active maintainenance. You can read more here: https://github.com/gorilla#gorilla-toolkit

Package handlers is a collection of handlers (aka "HTTP middleware") for use with Go's net/http package (or any framework supporting http.Handler), including:

Other handlers are documented on the Gorilla website.


A simple example using handlers.LoggingHandler and handlers.CompressHandler:

import (

func main() {
    r := http.NewServeMux()

    // Only log requests to our admin dashboard to stdout
    r.Handle("/admin", handlers.LoggingHandler(os.Stdout, http.HandlerFunc(ShowAdminDashboard)))
    r.HandleFunc("/", ShowIndex)

    // Wrap our server with our gzip handler to gzip compress all responses.
    http.ListenAndServe(":8000", handlers.CompressHandler(r))


BSD licensed. See the included LICENSE file for details.

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