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The core of GSC blockchain


4 years ago

Notice: GSC mainnet online at 2018-12-25. This release is official version of mainnet.


  1. Changed the Genesis block and add the Genesis message.
  2. Fixed some issues.


  1. Enhancing token value safety check, and avoid token name repeat.
  2. Enhancing unfrozen balance logic.


4 years ago


With GVM, Support smart contracts

  • GVM is fully compatible with Ethereum's Solidity language. Ethereum's DApps can be deployed on GSC without any modification
  • GVM can significantly reduces the amount of physical memory usage, greatly reducing the running cost of DApps
  • Reasonable and effective resource allocation, improve system accessibility and concurrent scale


  • Add deployment/execution/View smart contract RPC API:'deployContract(),triggerContract(),getContract()'
  • Optimize the model of the mining node packing block
  • Optimize the cost model of the GSC network


4 years ago

first release without Gvm after test produce block and generate account


4 years ago

first release without Gvm after test about produce block and generate account