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2D vector & raster editor that melds traditional layers & tools with a modern node-based, non-destructive, procedural workflow.

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Redefining state-of-the-art graphics editing

Graphite is an in-development raster and vector graphics package that's free and open source. It is powered by a node graph compositing engine that fuses layers with nodes, providing a fully nondestructive editing experience.

Presently, Graphite is a lightweight vector graphics editor that runs in your browser. Its node-based compositor lets you apply image effects and co-create art with generative AI.

Photo editing, digital painting, desktop publishing, VFX compositing, and motion graphics are additional competencies planned on the roadmap to make Graphite a highly versatile content creation tool.

Launch the latest alpha release of the Graphite editor and learn more at the project website.

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Vector artwork: "Red Dress"

Red Dress (click to open this artwork and explore it yourself)

Vector artwork: "Valley of Spires"

Valley of Spires (click to open this artwork and explore it yourself)

Discord community

Join our Discord community to chat with the community and development team. Feel free to lurk, ask questions, give suggestions, or get involved in the project. We are always seeking new collaborators to help test, design, and develop the software and this is where we communicate.


We need Rust and web developers! See instructions here for setting up the project and getting started.

We are also in search of artists to create beautiful sample work in Graphite and illustrations for the website and social media. Please get in touch if you are able to help out.

By submitting code for inclusion in the project, you are agreeing to license your changes under the Apache 2.0 license, and that you have the authority to do so. Some directories may have other licenses, like dual-licensed MIT/Apache 2.0, and code submissions to those directories mean you agree to the applicable license(s).

Features and roadmap

See the web page for this information.

Support the project

Please consider pledging a monthly donation. Your contribution helps sustain this volunteer-run open source project and brings powerful, free creative tools to the masses.

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