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Web/micro-services and IoC framework for Golang developers

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Granitic is a framework and lightweight application server for building and running web and micro services written in Go.


  • A web service aware HTTP server with support for load-management and Identity Access Management (IAM) integration.
  • A fully-featured Inversion of Control (IoC) container.
  • A flexible and customisable request processing pipeline including:
    • Full support for JSON and plain XML web services.
    • Automatic binding of request bodies, query parameters and path parameters.
    • Declarative, rule driven validation.
    • A comprehensive error management system including full templating of all system and application error messages and HTTP response code mapping.
  • Component based error logging.
  • Query management for data sources.
  • RDMBS integration with an interface designed to promote more readable code.
  • A flexible task scheduler

Additionally, Granitic is designed to be 'DevOps friendly' and offers:

  • Fully externalised configuration, with support for configuration files stored locally or served over HTTP.
  • Low memory footprint and fast startup times (compared to JVM/CLR equivalents).
  • Runtime control of deployed applications (including suspension/resumption).
  • Runtime control of log levels (e.g. temporarily enable debugging without restarts).
  • Runtime monitoring and control of scheduled activities.

Getting started

Read and follow the installation instructions then work through the tutorials

The GoDoc for Granitic can be found here

Visit the website to read the complete reference manual


Once you have followed the installation instructions, you can run Granitic's unit tests by running

go test ./...


We are always delighted to receive contributions from the community. Please read the Contributing and Code of Conduct guides and then have a look at the open issues

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