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Google Photos Sync (gphotos-sync)

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Google Photos Sync is a backup tool for your Google Photos cloud storage.

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Google Photos Sync downloads all photos and videos the user has uploaded to Google Photos. It also organizes the media in the local file system using album information. Additional Google Photos 'Creations' such as animations, panoramas, movies, effects and collages are also backed up.

This software is read only and never modifies your cloud library in any way, so there is no risk of damaging your data.

Warning: Google API Issues

There are a number of long standing issues with the Google Photos API that mean it is not possible to make a true backup of your media. In particular:

  • Videos are transcoded to lower quality
  • Raw or Original photos are converted to 'High Quality'
  • GPS info is removed from photos metadata

For details of the Bugs reported to Google see

To join in a discussion on this issue see

Quick Start

To get started see Tutorial <>_

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