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Gnome Shell extension for making and uploading screenshots

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Shortcut to create screenshots that can be opened, copied to clipboard or saved to disk.

This extension is based on gnome-shell-imgur.



The latest reviewed version can be found at GNOME Shell Extensions


The latest development version can be installed manually with these commands:

git clone
cd gnome-shell-screenshot
make update_dependencies
make install

Then go to to turn on the extension or use gnome-tweak-tool.

Reporting a Bug

When reporting a bug, please include debugging output from gnome-shell.

You can capture the logs with this command:

journalctl --user /usr/bin/gnome-shell --follow

Known Issues

Errors with "gnome-screenshot" backend


  • Output file does not exist
  • GLib.SpawnError: Failed to execute child process

These errors can occur if the gnome-screenshot tool is not installed on your system.

Please use your package manager to install the software.

If the tool is installed and the error persists, please file a new bug.

Error after updating extension (Gnome-Shell 3.37 and above)

Since Gnome-Shell version 3.37.2, extensions that are updated are unavailable (in an error state) until the user logs out and back in again. (See commit 6ddd43f3 in gnome-shell)

If the error persists, please open a bug report.

Error: exitCode=256


When using Firejail, please add this configration:

File /etc/firejail/gjs.local:

noblacklist ${HOME}/.local/share/gnome-shell

(Reported here)

Extension "No Flash for Clipboard Screenshots"

The extension available here is known to cause problems when used together with gnome-shell-screenshot.

Please deactivate no-flash-for-clipboard-screenshots when using gnome-shell-screenshot.

(Reported here)

Clipboard stops working in Gnome 3.20

On Gnome 3.20, the clipboard stops working after the lock screen appears.


As a workaround, restart the shell: Ctrl-F2 r Enter. The clipboard should work again afterwards.


Also see contributors for gnome-shell-imgur.

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Bitcoin 3NkWgrxHmQKiNMo94zs4vDQzwwpJ4FtwRN

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