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What is GitX?

GitX is a gitk like clone written specifically for OS X Leopard and higher. This means that it has a native interface and tries to integrate with the operating system as good as possible. Examples of this are drag and drop support and QuickLook support.


The project is currently still in its starting phases. As time goes on, hopefully more features will be added. Currently GitX supports the following:

  • History browsing of your repository
  • See a nicely formatted diff of any revision
  • Search based on author or revision subject
  • Look at the complete tree of any revision
    • Preview any file in the tree in a text view or with QuickLook
    • Drag and drop files out of the tree view to copy them to your system
  • Support for all parameters git rev-list has


GitX is licensed under the GPL version 2. For more information, see the attached COPYING file.


GitX is currently hosted at GitHub. It's project page can be found at Recent binary releases can be found at

If you wish to follow GitX development, you can download the source code through git:

git clone git://


The easiest way to get GitX running is to download the binary release from the wiki. If you wish to compile it yourself, you will need XCode 3.0 or later. As GitX makes use of features available only on Leopard (such as garbage collection), you will not be able to compile it on previous versions of OS X.

To compile GitX, open the GitX.xcodeproj file and hit "Build".


GitX itself is fairly simple. Most of its power is in the 'gitx' binary, which you should install through the menu. the 'gitx' binary supports most of git rev-list's arguments. For example, you can run gitx --all' to display all branches in the repository, or gitx -- Documentation' to only show commits relating to the 'Documentation' subdirectory. With `gitx -Shaha', gitx will only show commits that contain the word 'haha'. Similarly, with 'gitx v0.2.1..', you will get a list of all commits since version 0.2.1.

Helping out

Any help on GitX is welcome. GitX is programmed in Objective-C, but even if you are not a programmer you can do useful things. A short selection:

  • Create a nice icon;
  • Help with the Javascript/HTML views, such as the diff view;
  • File bug reports and feature requests.

A TODO list can be found on the wiki:

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