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Build the deployment system around GitHub in minutes.

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Gitploy helps your team build the deployment system around GitHub in minutes.
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What is Gitploy?

GitHub provides the deployment API to deploy a specific ref(branch, SHA, tag). It enables your organization to build the deployment system loosely coupled tooling without worrying about the implementation details of delivering different types of applications (e.g., web, native). But it takes a lot of resources to build the deployment system from scratch.

Gitploy enables your organization to build the deployment system around deployment API in minutes, and it provides the place to manage all deployment and deploying in the same manner.

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  • Manage all deployments in one place.
  • Provides the intuitive UI to deploy a specific ref (branch, SHA, tag).
  • Build an event-driven deployment system for loosely coupled tooling.
  • Provides both continuous delivery and continuous deployment.
  • Provides advanced deployment features: Rollback, Review, Lock, Freeze Window.
  • Provides DevOps metrics.

Gitploy vs GitHub environment

Name Gitploy GitHub environment
Manual deploy
Auto deploy
Deployment Safety
DevOps Metrics
Private repositories for teams plan

Getting Started

To install Gitploy on your hosting, read this documentation.

For public repositories, we're providing the free cloud.

Documentation Community Installation Guide Docker Image
📚 Documentation Community / 💬 Slack 📖 Installation Guide 🐋 Docker Image


Don't be afraid to contribute! We have many things you can do to help out. If you're trying to contribute but stuck, please tag @hanjunlee.

You can check the contributing for exact details on how to contribute.

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