Git Split Diffs

GitHub style split diffs in your terminal


GitHub style split diffs with syntax highlighting in your terminal.

Screenshot of dark theme

Screenshot of github-light theme

Demo 1 | Demo 2


This currently requires node version 12 or newer to run.

Install globally

npm install -g git-split-diffs

git config --global core.pager "git-split-diffs --color | less -RFX"

Install locally

npm install git-split-diffs

git config core.pager "npx git-split-diffs --color | less -RFX"

Use manually

git diff | git-split-diffs --color | less


Line wrapping

By default, lines are wrapped to fit in the screen. If you prefer to truncate them, update the wrap-lines setting:

git config split-diffs.wrap-lines false

Inline changes

By default, salient changes within lines are also highlighted: Screenshot of inline changes

You can disable this with the highlight-line-changes setting:

git config split-diffs.highlight-line-changes false

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting is supported via shiki, which uses the same grammars and themes as vscode. Each theme specifies a default syntax highlighting theme to use, which can be overridden by:

git config split-diffs.syntax-highlighting-theme <name>

The supported syntax highlighting themes are listed at

You can disable syntax highlighting by setting the name to empty:

git config split-diffs.syntax-highlighting-theme ''

Narrow terminals

Split diffs can be hard to read on narrow terminals, so we revert to unified diffs if we cannot fit two lines of min-line-width on screen. This value is configurable:

git config split-diffs.min-line-width 40

This defaults to 80, so screens below 160 characters will display unified diffs. Set it to 0 to always show split diffs.


You can pick between several themes:


Based on

git config split-diffs.theme-name arctic

Screenshot of GitHub Dark (Dim) theme


This is the default theme.

git config split-diffs.theme-name dark

Screenshot of dark theme


git config split-diffs.theme-name light

Screenshot of light theme

GitHub Dark (Dim)

git config split-diffs.theme-name github-dark-dim

Screenshot of GitHub Dark (Dim) theme

GitHub Light

git config split-diffs.theme-name github-light

Screenshot of GitHub Light theme

Solarized Dark

As seen on

git config split-diffs.theme-name solarized-dark

Screenshot of Solarized Dark theme

Solarized Light

git config split-diffs.theme-name solarized-light

Screenshot of Solarized Light theme

Monochrome Dark

git config split-diffs.theme-name monochrome-dark

Screenshot of Monochrome Dark theme

Monochrome Light

git config split-diffs.theme-name monochrome-light

Screenshot of Monochrome Light theme


Tested by measuring the time it took to pipe the output git log -p to /dev/null via git-split-diffs with the default theme:

Features enabled ms/kloc
Everything 4661
No syntax highlighting 40
No syntax highlighting, no inline change highlighting 34

1 improves this to 333ms/kloc


  • diff-so-fancy for showing what's possible
  • shikijs for making it easy to do high quality syntax highlighting
  • chalk for making it easy to do terminal styling reliably
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