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A collection of RGB color palettes for use in GIMP (but also Aseprite, Drawpile, Inkscape, Krita, MyPaint or any other tool).

You can preview all these palettes directly in the browser.


Sources for palettes in this collection:

Other palettes

Other palettes (not included in this collection):

Default palettes

Default palettes (not included in this collection):

Other related/similar pages and projects:

Project structure

This project is supposed to be simple to use. People can download each individual palette directly from GitHub, or download the entire palettes/ folder and use it on any of the many supported applications.

  • palettes/ - Contains palettes in GIMP's GPL format.
    • The GPL format is plain text, can be easily viewed and edited in a text editor.
    • The filename reflects the internal Name:, adjusted to avoid special characters.
    • Each palette has a proper Columns: value, so that it nicely displays in GIMP and in the HTML preview.
    • Comments are ignored by most applications (and even automatically stripped), but they are used by the HTML generator of this project. Each palette can have a comment with some overall description and links to external websites.
    • Each color will be properly named, if relevant (i.e. if the colors originally had names in their original context).
    • The whitespace will follow the GIMP convention: the three RGB values are space-padded, and separated by a Tab from the color name.
  • - Contains overall description and links to the sources of these palettes.
  • .github/workflows - GitHub setup to automatically run some scripts after a commit.
    • gh-pages.yml - This will automatically publish online the new HTML page after any changes to the master branch.
    • test.yml - Runs tests on the code, testing if the code behaves properly. It does NOT test the palettes.
  • Miscellaneous scripts - Scripts with a descriptive name for their purpose. If you only want to consume the palettes, these scripts can be ignored. If you are a developer wanting to contribute to the repository, these scripts can be useful. Some may need to be adapted to your environment.

The online page is generated from ./ and pushed to the gh-pages branch. That page is designed to be static and fully functional even without JavaScript. Of course, having JavaScript will enable additional features (e.g. mouse-over information and filtering the palette list). That page is also designed to be usable on any viewport dimensions. Unfortunately, it looks quite ugly (sorry about that).


How to add a new palette to this project:

  • Use any application to create a .gpl file inside palettes/ directory.
  • Make sure the palette is displayed correctly in the HTML page.
    • Use ./ -o preview.html palettes/*.gpl. Requires Python 3.
    • Is the Name: set properly?
    • Is the Columns: set properly? Avoid larger than 20 or 24, although exceptions can be made. (This number is a guideline, not a rule.)
    • Comment section:
      • Do you want to add a short summary as a comment?
      • Do you want to add URLs in the comment?
      • It is preferable to cite the source of the palette in the comment.
    • Do the colors have any names? If yes, please add the names.
  • Make sure the palette works fine inside GIMP. (If it looks fine in the HTML page, very likely it will work in GIMP.)
    • Be careful! Upon opening the palette in GIMP, it will remove any comments you have manually added. Make a copy of the palette first, or mark the file as read-only.
  • Add an entry to the file, citing the source of the palette.
    • Keep the entries sorted alphabetically.
  • Create a pull request.
    • Remember to include the new palette file(s) (palettes/*.gpl) and the changes to the file.
    • Don't add the HTML file, as the real HTML file will be generated automatically.


  • Make the form change the URL, so that permalinks for the current view are possible.
  • Make the form less ugly.
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