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📸 🗺 Geotag your photos from GPS-less cameras with your phone's location history data

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GeoTagger #########

Geotag your photos from GPS-less cameras with your phone's location history data.

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Is it for me?

  • Do you take photos with a camera without a GPS tracking feature?
  • Do you have installed on your phone?
  • Do you want to have your photos geotagged?

…if your answer is 3x yes, then this tool is for you.

How does it work?

  • You already walk around with your location-aware phone and Moves records your location.
  • You snap photos with your GPS-less camera.
  • GeoTagger uses the creation timestamps from photos to find your location at the time of taking them in your Moves log.
  • GeoTagger is able to retrospectively add GEO tags to even old photos, as long as your location for the period is logged with Moves.

How is it implemented?

When you ask GeoTagger to tag your photos, this process takes places:

  1. Unique creation dates are extracted from the photo files.
  2. Your Moves history for those days is fetched from the Moves API.
  3. A GPX <>_ file is generated from the data.
  4. exiftool -geotag is used behind to scene to apply that location log to your photos.


Beta quality.


  1. Install <>_ exiftool, for example, with: $ brew install exiftool
  2. Install geotagger from PyPi with: $ pip install geotagger


See $ geotagger --help and $ geotagger sub-command --help.

Moves authentication

  1. Create a new app under your Moves account:
  2. Specify as Redirect URI.
  3. Create ~/.geotagger.json with credentials for your app: {"MOVES_ID": "<CLIENT_ID>", "MOVES_SECRET": "<CLIENT_SECRET>"}
  4. Run geotagger auth and follow the instruction to authenticate the app.


Geotag all images in a folder:

.. code-block:: bash

$ geotagger tag ./photos

You can also just generate a GPX log for the dates without applying it:

.. code-block:: bash

$ geotagger gpx ./photos > log.gpx

The tag sub-command also optionally accepts a path to a GPX log file:

.. code-block:: bash

$ geotagger tag ./photos log.gpx



0.0.3 (2017-09-09)

  • Fixed missing configuration: MOVES__ID #1


Jakub Roztocil




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