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Producer and consumer actors with back-pressure for Elixir

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GenStage is a specification for exchanging events between producers and consumers.

This project currently provides the following functionality:

  • GenStage (docs) - a behaviour for implementing producer and consumer stages

  • ConsumerSupervisor (docs) - a supervisor designed for consuming events from GenStage and starting a child process per event

You may also be interested in two other projects built on top of GenStage:


Examples for using GenStage and ConsumerSupervisor can be found in the examples directory:

  • ProducerConsumer - a simple example of setting up a pipeline of A -> B -> C stages and having events flowing through it

  • ConsumerSupervisor - an example of how to use one or more ConsumerSupervisor as a consumer to a producer that works as a counter

  • GenEvent - an example of how to use GenStage to implement an alternative to GenEvent that leverages concurrency and provides more flexibility regarding buffer size and back-pressure

  • RateLimiter - an example of performing rate limiting in a GenStage pipeline


GenStage requires Elixir v1.5. Just add :gen_stage to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
  [{:gen_stage, "~> 1.0"}]


Same as Elixir under Apache License 2.0. Check NOTICE and LICENSE for more information.

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