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the fastest and most powerful android decompiler(native tool working without Java VM) for the APK, DEX, ODEX, OAT, JAR, AAR, and CLASS file. which supports malicious behavior detection, privacy leaking detection, vulnerability detection, path solving, packer identification, variable tracking, deobfuscation, python&java scripts, device memory extraction, data decryption, and encryption, etc.

Project README

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ˇ GDA(GJoy Dex Analyzer)

GDA, an powerful Dalvik bytecode decompiler implemented in C++, which has the advantages of fast analysis and low memory&disk consumption and an stronger ability to decompiling the apk, dex, odex, oat, jar, class, aar files.

GDA is completely native software and works without any Setup and Java VM, it works well in any new windows system and virtual machine system without additional configuration. GDA Decompiler project started in 2013 and its first version 1.0 released in 2015 at GDA website.

GDA is also a powerful and fast reverse analysis platform. Which does not only supports the basic decompiling operation, but also many excellent features like Malicious behavior detection, Privacy leaking detection, Vulnerability detection, Path solving, Packer identification, Variable tracking analysis, Deobfuscation, Python& Java scripts, Device memory extraction, Data decryption and encryption etc.

All the features as follows:

𝕬 Interactive Operation:
    1. Cross-references for strings, classes, methods and fields;
    2. Searching for strings, classes methods and fields;
    3. Comments for java code;
    4. Rename methods,fields and classes;
    5. Save the analysis results in gda db file.
𝕭 Utilities for Assisted Analysis:
    1. Extracting DEX from ODEX;
    2. Extracting DEX from OAT;
    3. XML Decoder (Component filter);
    4. Algorithm tool(Support rolling encryption and almost all popular encryption algorithms);
    5. Device memory dump(Dump so, odex, dex, oat file);
    6. Path solving;
    7. Static vulnerability scanner;
𝕮 Good Features:
    1. Brand new dalvik decompiler in c++ with friendly GUI.
    2. Packers Recognition.
    3. Multi-DEX supporting.
    4. De-obfuscate.
    5. Malicious Behavior Scanning by API chains.
    6. Static vulnerability scanner based on stack state machine and dynamic rule interpreter.
    7. Taint analysis to preview the behavior of variables.
    8. Taint analysis to source the variables.
    9. APIs view with x-reference
    10. Deep URL extraction.
    11. Association of permissions with modules.
    12. Apk Forensics Analysis.
    13. Dual decompiler mode.
    14. Smart Rename.
    15. Device memory data dump, DEX file dump by memory searching.
    16. Support Frida to hook and call the selected method or class.
    17. Privacy leaking scanning.
    18. Sensitive Infomation extraction.
    19. Multi-DEX Merge.
    20. Path solving based on low-level intermediate representation(LIR).
    21. Junk instruction clearing.
    22. Support call-graph view.
    23. Smali instruction patch, apk repack and install.
    24. Support subclass and parentclass view.
    25. Support translation of the strings.

𝕲𝕯𝕬 shortcut key

shortcut description
F5 Switch java to smali, pressing it again for back to java
F Trace the args and return-value by dataflow analysis
X Cross-referencing, locating callers (of strings, classes, methods, field)
Esc/◄/Backspace Back to the last visit
Forward to the next visit
G Jump to somewhere by you inputting offset
N Rename the variable/method/class name
S Search for all the elements by the given string
C Comments. Only supports the Java code
DoubleClick The cursor's placed at the method/str/field/class, and double-click to access objects
M The cursor's placed at the Smali line and pressing the key 'M' to edit the instruction
▲ UP Press 'up' key to access the up-method in the tree control
▼ Down Press 'down' key to access the down-method in the tree control
D Dump the binary data of methods, only supports the Smali window
Enter The modification of edit boxes take effect
H Show data in Hex
Ctr+H Pop searching history window
Ctr+A Select all
Ctr+C Copy
Ctr+V Paste, only for editable boxes
Ctr+X Cut
Ctr+F Find out the string of the code area
Ctr+S Save the modifications into the GDA database file

ˇ Installing

No installation required, just double-click the bin and you can enjoy it. NOTE: This is not an open source project,at least,in the short term. You can use the free tools and some open source scripts published here.

ˇ False positive report

For copyright protection, GDA is protected by an authorized VMP, which may lead to false positives of some anti-virus software. Please ignore or add GDA to the white list. GDA does not have any malicious behavior.

GDA is embedded with ADB and gdump (used to dump device memory data), as well as vul rules, source-taint rules, api fingerprint etc. so, you will see some file in directory %APPDATA%/GDA. this behavior releasing the other executable files also be identified as a virus by some AVs.

ˇ Supported platforms

Only for windows

ˇ Usage:

Just drag a file into GDA, that's done.

If your files are .jar/.class/.aar files, you need the java support the dx tool. Please make sure that the java works properly.

When the analyzed jar file size is too big, it maybe takes a long time to analysize, please be patient.

FAQ Summary

Brief Guide

How to search what you need

Support For Frida

Python Script

GDA Privacy Leak

GDA Path Solver

GDA APK Forensic

GDA Static Taint Analysis

Batch Decryption Of APP Strings

GDA Vulnerability Scanner

GDA: Capture the Flag in CTF

GDA: DEX Static Patch Technology Based on Smali Just-in-time Compilation

ˇ Color theme:

Only support GDA3.75+, Other version do not use this theme file. Usage:click on menuFile->Import Color Config,choosing a theme file and reboot GDA.

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