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This script is designed to help expedite a web application assessment by automating some of the assessment steps (e.g., running nmap, sublist3r, metasploit, etc.)

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Sherlock - Web Inspector

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Over the years I have had to do various web application and network pentests and I realized I was spending a lot of time performing the asset discovery, network vulnerability and web vulnerability scans. So I wrote this script to help handle that and I figuered I should share it with the world. Be advised, this tool was written for educational, and research purposes, please do not use this tool on systems you do not own.


Though I am planning to make a version of this script that can run on other NIX/UNX systems, however for the time being this was written to run best on debian based systems.


There are two install scripts, the main one being this has been tested to work on debian based machines. I am working on a newer version currently dubbed and this version is designed to allow you to install sherlock on virtually any NIX/UNX machine. Be advised, as the name implies it is in development and may not work completely.

cd /opt/
git clone
cd Sherlock


sherlock targetfile projectName

Do not worry, if you forget to supply a field, the prompt(s) will be asked as the tool runs.


The uninstall script will NOT remove everything that was installed, the assumption I made is you want to keep all the tools and services for yourself. I will be updating the uninstall script later to allow a full uninstall for those who want everything added gone.

cd /opt/Sherlock/


  • Add multi-thread parallel processing
  • Limit amount of data stored to disk, use more variables
  • Add Tenable API scanning/support [Queued]
  • Add joomscan & droopescan scan [Queued]
  • Add function to check if the script is running on latest version [inprogress]
  • Add exclusion list config file
  • Add flag support
  • Convert sherlock to rust lang


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