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一个用 Javascript 写的台球游戏

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这是一个普通的台球游戏,我开发这个游戏的目的是学习 cocos2d-js 游戏开发和 chipmunk 物理学引擎。同时实践 Web Audio API。


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因为我觉得 cocos 自带的音频功能不好用,所以自行开发了一个简便的音频引擎,暂时取名为 Benz Audio Engine。

本游戏的音效和背景音乐都截取自红白机游戏《花式撞球》,它是一款于1987年问世的经典游戏,由日本 Data East 株式会社开发,日版由日本南梦宫株式会社(Namco)发行,美版由 Nintendo of America Inc. 发行。因此本游戏的音频资源理论上应归这些公司所有。

图片资源都是我自己画的,原始 psd 文件也全部在 res 目录里面。而我并不是做设计的,所以界面可能会不太好看,如果有大神能帮忙提供设计,我感激不尽。(这项目本身就不以盈利为目的,所以设计师也没有报酬,哈哈哈~)

Funny Billards

This is an ordinary billiard game where I developed this game to learn cocos2d-js game development as well as chipmunk physics engine. While practicing the Web Audio API.

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Because I think cocos comes with the audio function is not easy to use, so I developed a simple audio engine which named "Benz Audio Engine".

The game's sound and background music are captured from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game "Side Pocket". It is a classic game in 1987, developed by the Data East Corporation. Japan version is published by Namco Limited. The US version is published by Nintendo of America Inc. So the game's audio resources should theoretically licenced by these companies.

The game's image resources are my own painting, the original PSD files are all in the "res" directory inside. And I did not do the design, so the interface may not look good. Please forgive me.

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