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The Free Manga Downloader (FMD)

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About FMD

The Free Manga Downloader is a free open source application written in Object Pascal for managing and downloading manga from various websites. The source code was released under the GPLv2 license. FMD homesite is at or

Build instructions

In order to build FMD from the source code, you must install the latest version of Lazarus and Free Pascal Compiler from Then you must install the following 3rd party libraries and components:

After everything is installed, open the file md.lpi by using Lazarus IDE. Make sure to add ssl_openssl to uses list of the laz_synapse package. Then select Run -> Build to build the source code. If everything is ok, the binary file should be in FMD_source_code_folder/bin.

If InternetTools fail to compile (incompatible PPU), make sure to compile them individually first.


Translations are stored inside languages folder with .po extension. In order to translate FMD to your native languages you can copy fmd.po and rename it to fmd.xx.po, where xx stand for two-letter language code. Additionally you can add country code at the end of language code. For reference you can look at and For example id_ID will be recognized as Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia). To translate the content of the file you need to use translation tools like Poedit. Once you have finished translating all of its content you can launch FMD and it will automatically detect your new languages upon startup.

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