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Emacs clone in Forth.

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Possibly a clone of Emacs, written in Forth.
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  • Only runs in lbForth.
  • It's a block editor, i.e. it's fixed to 16 lines by 64 characters.


  • Either load it into a running Forth (which the script does),
  • Or build a standalone executable with make.

Key bindings

  • M-: - Evaluate a Forth expression.
  • M-x - Execute extended command.
  • C-f, C-b, C-p, C-n - Cursor movement.
  • M-f, M-b - Move forward/backward by word.
  • C-a, C-e - Go to beginning/end of line.
  • M-<, M-> - Go to beginning/end of buffer.
  • C-d, DEL - Delete character to the right/left.
  • M-w - Copy region to kill ring.
  • M-d, M-DEL - Delete word and copy to kill ring.
  • C-y - Insert text from kill ring.
  • C-j, C-m - Stub; does not break line.
  • C-x C-f - Stub; does not load file.
  • C-h - Stub; provide a helpful message.
  • C-x u, C-_ - Stub; does not undo.
  • C-q - Quoted insert.
  • C-g - Quit.
  • C-@, C-SPC - Set mark.
  • C-x C-x - Exchange point and mark.
  • C-z - Return to Forth. Type fmacs to get back to Fmacs.
  • C-x C-c - Exit Forth.
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