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Xamarin.Forms demo for 3 sessions presented at Microsoft Ignite 2019

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FlyMe Sample App

This is a Xamarin.Forms sample app showcasing the use of Material Design and CollectionView within the new Shell container.

Material Design with Visual

Visual is a simple API for setting the renderers at any level of your application. In this case, we are using Material Design for iOS and Android to achieve a consistent look and feel.

Microsoft Ignite Video


CollectionView is a new list control that supports multiple layouts, grouping, incremental loading, empty view state, and much more.

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Shell introduces a simplified way to express the navigation UI of your application using flyout items and tabs. Navigation services are available from anywhere in your application, and URI based routing supports passing query strings to easily share state.

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book tabs

my flights tabs

results horizontal

results vertical

my flights flyout

flyout open

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