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Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking MicroVMs. Create and manage the lifecycle of MicroVMs backed by containerd.

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Flintlock - Create and manage the lifecycle of MicroVMs, backed by containerd.

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What is flintlock?

Flintlock is a service for creating and managing the lifecycle of microVMs on a host machine. We support Firecracker and Cloud Hypervisor (experimental).

The original use case for flintlock was to create microVMs on a bare-metal host where the microVMs will be used as nodes in a virtualized Kubernetes cluster. It is an essential part of Liquid Metal and can be orchestrated by Cluster API Provider Microvm.

However, its useful for many other use cases where lightweight virtualization is required (e.g. isolated workloads, pipelines).


Using API requests (via gRPC or HTTP):

  • Create and delete microVMs
  • Manage the lifecycle of microVMs (i.e. start, stop, pause)
  • Configure microVM metadata via cloud-init, ignition etc
  • Use OCI images for microVM volumes, kernel and initrd
  • Expose microVM metrics for collection by Prometheus
  • (coming soon) Use CNI to configure the network for the microVMs


See our getting started with flintlock tutorial.


Contributions are welcome. Please read the CONTRIBUTING.md and our Code Of Conduct.

You can reach out to the maintainers and other contributors using the #liquid-metal slack channel.

Other interesting resources include:

Getting Help

If you have any questions about, feedback for or problems with flintlock:

Your feedback is always welcome!


The table below shows you which versions of Firecracker are compatible with Flintlock:

Flintlock Firecracker Cloud Hypervisor
v0.5.0 Official v1.0+ or v1.0.0-macvtap v26.0
v0.4.0 Official v1.0+ or v1.0.0-macvtap Not Supported
v0.3.0 Official v1.0+ or v1.0.0-macvtap Not Supported
<= v0.2.0 <= v0.25.2-macvtap Not Supported
<= v0.1.0-alpha.6 <= v0.25.2-macvtap Not Supported
v0.1.0-alpha.7 Do not use Not Supported
v0.1.0-alpha.8 <= v0.25.2-macvtap Not Supported

Note: Flintlock currently requires a custom build of Firecracker if you plan to use macvtap available here.


MPL-2.0 License

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