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A distributed note taker and task manager.

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A distributed note taker and task manager.

What's the big deal?

  1. 𝑓𝑓 synchronizes via any file sync application, like git, Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  2. 𝑓𝑓 is available offline and synchronizes without conflicts thanks to CRDT and RON.


Works on all my computers and synchronizes between them successfully. 𝑓𝑓's own issues are tracked in 𝑓𝑓 since the first day of development. I also use 𝑓𝑓 for my personal tasks since the first day of development. Please feel free to test it in your environment. But no guarantees.

Project-based task management

𝑓𝑓 detects if it is run inside a git repository and saves notes in it. Other VCS will be supported in future. Feel free to open a ticket if you want to extend support.


$ git clone https://github.com/ff-notes/ff.git
$ cd ff
$ stack install ff

Install experimental GUI

GTK version


Follow https://github.com/haskell-gi/haskell-gi#installation.


Mac OS:

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/opt/libffi/lib/pkgconfig"
$ stack install ff-gtk


$ stack install ff-gtk

Qt version


Mac OS:

$ brew install qt


# apt install qt5-default


$ stack install ff-qt

Completion for commands and options

Ubuntu 18.04

ff --bash-completion-script `which ff` | sudo tee /etc/bash_completion.d/ff


ff --bash-completion-script `which ff` | sudo tee /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/ff


Look what 𝑓𝑓 can do for you

$ ff --help
Usage:  [-b|--brief] [--json] [-C|--data-dir DIRECTORY]
        [(-V|--version) | COMMAND | [-l|--limit ARG]
          [(-n|--no-tag) | [--tag TAG]... [--without-tag TAG]...]]
  A note taker and task tracker

Available options:
  -b,--brief               List only note titles and ids
  --json                   Use JSON for input/output
  -C,--data-dir DIRECTORY  Path to the data dir
  -V,--version             Current ff-note version
  -l,--limit ARG           Number of issues
  -n,--no-tag              Filter items that have no tags
  --tag TAG                Filter by tag
  --without-tag TAG        Filter items without tag
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Available commands:
  add                      add new task or note
  agenda                   show what you can do right now [default action]
  config                   show/edit configuration
  contact                  show contacts
  delete                   delete a task
  done                     mark a task done (archive)
  edit                     edit a task or a note, using command from environment
                           variable `EDITOR` or program `editor`
  new                      synonym for `add`
  postpone                 make a task start later
  search                   search for notes with the given text
  show                     show note by id
  tags                     show tags of all notes
  sponsors                 show project sponsors
  track                    track issues from external sources
  unarchive                restore the note from archive
  upgrade                  check and upgrade the database to the most recent
  wiki                     show all wiki notes

Get started


To save personal notes and tasks somewhere you must configure 𝑓𝑓's data directory

ff config dataDir --help

If you use Yandex.Disk, you can say just

ff config dataDir -y


To work with a project's tasks, just run 𝑓𝑓 inside a VCS repository.

$ ls
$ ff add ...
$ ls
.ff .git
$ git add .ff

Get some unfinished tasks

$ ff
    * buy milk
      id 458a1456lrc-12z3opnykw, start 2018-01-10

Add new task or note

$ ff add 'learn Haskell'

Now you can find it in your agenda:

$ ff
    * buy milk
      id 458a1456lrc-12z3opnykw, start 2018-01-10
    * learn Haskell
      id 459h2tqxutq-24nuhr86ae, start 2018-01-14

Mark task done

Marking done is actually moving to archive.

$ ff done 458a1456lrc-12z3opnykw
    buy milk
    id 458a1456lrc-12z3opnykw, start 2018-01-10

Archived tasks don't appear in an agenda:

$ ff
    * learn Haskell
      id 459h2tqxutq-24nuhr86ae, start 2018-01-14

Developers community

We have a telegram chat ff-dev where you can ask your questions.

Alternative chat: https://gitter.im/ff-notes

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