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A fast no_lock RingQueue between 2 threads (25M WrtieRead per second)

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1. What is a ring queue

  • the data is "first in first out".
  • prev data of queue head is the queue tail.
  • the data of ring can reuse.

2. The advantages of ring queue

  • Guaranteed elements are first-in, first-out

  • Element space can be reused

  • Provides an efficient mechanism for multithread data transfer.

3. Ring queue of work example

  • Linux between kernel and system to transfor network data( PACKET_RX_RING and PACKET_TX_RING )

4. Actual test results

  • In CentOS 5.5 (cpu per core frequency 1200MHz) .
  • ring queue length is 10000, one element data size is 4 bytes
  • [ring_test] the element writted and then to read is about 25 million per second.
  • [notify_ring_test] the element writted and then to read is about 20 million per second.
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