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Meta repository that pulls in all dependencies for clean distribution of Ibexa Platform.

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Ibexa Platform

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This repository is no longer in active development!

The master branch of this repository is no longer in development. Please refer to ibexa/oss for the current, Flex-based repository.

What is Ibexa Platform?

Ibexa Platform is a fully open source professional CMS (Content Management System) developed by Ibexa and the Ibexa Community.

Current Ibexa Platform v3 is built on top of the Symfony 5 framework (Full Stack).


  • Very extensible — You can extend the application and the content model in many ways.
  • Future and backwards compatible — Strong backward compatibility policy on data as well as code.
  • Multi-channel by design — Strong focus on separation between semantic content and design.
  • Scalable — Easily scale across multiple servers out of the box.
  • Future proof — Uses architecture designed to allow even more content scalability and performance in the future.
  • Stable — Built on experience in building CMS that has been gathered since early 2000.
  • Integration friendly — Numerous events and signals to hook into for advanced needs.

Further information:

Ibexa Platform is fully open source and it is the foundation for the commercial Ibexa Digital Experience Platform software, which adds advanced features for editorial teams, entirely built on top of Ibexa Platform APIs.


Installation instructions below are for installing a clean installation of Ibexa Platform in latest version with no demo content or demo website. Full installation documentation is in the online docs. It includes instructions on installing other products (like Ibexa Experience), or other versions.


These instructions assume you have already installed:

  • PHP (7.3 or higher)
  • Web Server (Recommended: Apache / Nginx. Use of PHP's built-in development server is also possible)
  • Database server (MySQL 5.5+ or MariaDB 10.0+)
  • Composer
  • Git (for development)

For more details on requirements, see online documentation.

Install Ibexa Platform (clean distribution)

Assuming you have prerequisites sorted out, you can get the install up and running with the following commands in your terminal:

composer create-project --keep-vcs ezsystems/ezplatform ezplatform ^3
cd ezplatform

Note: If composer is installed locally instead of globally, the first command will start with php composer.phar.

You must add your database connection credentials (hostname, login, password) to the environment file.
To do this, in the main project directory, the .env file, change the parameters that are prefixed with DATABASE_ as necessary. Store the database credentials in your .env.local file. Do not commit the file to the Version Control System.

Use the following command to install Ibexa Platform (insert base data into the database):

composer ezplatform-install

Tip: For a more complete and better performing setup using Apache or Nginx, see how to install Ibexa Platform manually.

Issue tracker

Submitting bugs, improvements and stories is possible on https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP. If you discover a security issue, please see how to responsibly report such issues in "Reporting security issues in Ibexa products".

Backwards compatibility

Ibexa Platform aims to be fully content compatible with eZ Publish 5.x, meaning that the content in these versions of the CMS can be upgraded using online documentation to Ibexa Platform.

Copyright (C) 1999-2021 Ibexa AS (formerly eZ Systems AS). All rights reserved.


This source code is available separately under the following licenses:

A - Ibexa Business Use License Agreement (Ibexa BUL), version 2.3 or later versions (as license terms may be updated from time to time) Ibexa BUL is granted by having a valid Ibexa DXP (formerly eZ Platform Enterprise) subscription, as described at: https://www.ibexa.co/product For the full Ibexa BUL license text, please see:


B - GNU General Public License, version 2 Grants an copyleft open source license with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. For the full GPL license text, please see:

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