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What is Examine?

Examine allows you to index and search data easily and wraps the Lucene.Net indexing/searching engine. Lucene is super fast and allows for very fast searching even on very large amounts of data. Examine is very extensible and allows you to configure as many indexes as you like and each may be configured individually. Out of the box Examine gives you a Lucene based index implementation as well as a Fluent API that can be used to search for your data.


via Nuget

PM> Install-Package Examine

Quick start

Tip: IExamineManager is the gateway to working with examine. It's a singleton service that is registered in DI.

  1. Configure Services and create an index

    // Adds Examine Core services
    // Create a Lucene based index
  2. Populate the index

    if (examineManager.TryGetIndex("MyIndex", out var myIndex))
        // Add a "ValueSet" (document) to the index 
        // which can contain any data you want.
        myIndex.IndexItem(new ValueSet(
            Guid.NewGuid().ToString(),  //Give the doc an ID of your choice
            "MyCategory",               //Each doc has a "Category"
            new Dictionary<string, object>()
                {"Name", "Frank" },
                {"Address", "Beverly Hills, 90210" }
  3. Search the index

    var searcher = myIndex.Searcher; // Get a searcher
    var results = searcher.CreateQuery()  // Create a query
        .Field("Address", "Hills")        // Look for any "Hills" addresses
        .Execute();                       // Execute the search


Information and downloads for Examine releases


Tip: There are many unit tests in the source code that can be used as Examples of how to do things. There is also a test web project that has plenty of examples of how to configure indexes and search them.

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