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Embarrassingly templated keyboard framework

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Embarrassingly templated keyboard framework

The aim of this is to have very terse descriptions of keyboards and give good compile-time diagnostics when mistaeks are made. Here's the entire configuration file for a simple 40% Dvorak keyboard:

#include "keys.hpp"
#include "type.hpp"

using namespace etkf;
using namespace etkf::pins;

struct test_keyboard {
    using rows = pin_set<b4, b6, f1, f0>;
    using columns = pin_set<f6, f7, c7, c6, d3, d2, d1, d0, b7, b3, b2, b1, b0>;

    static auto layouts();

    using key_positions = typelist<


using keyboard_to_run = test_keyboard;

auto test_keyboard::layouts() {
    using namespace etkf::keys;

    return typelist<
            row<tab, quot,comm,dot, p,   y,   f,   g,   c,   r,   l,   bspc, null>,
            row<lctl,a,   o,   e,   u,   i,   d,   h,   t,   n,   s,   ent>,
            row<lsft,scln,q,   j,   k,   x,   b,   m,   w,   v,   z,   del>,
            row<caps,lgui,esc,lalt, spc,      null,null,left,down,up,  righ>

Currently it has only been tested on Linux, but I guess it could work elsewhere if you can get the toolchain set up.

How to build:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DKEYBOARD_TO_BUILD=<keyboard name> ..

How to add a new keyboard:

There is a Python script which will do all of the legwork for you:

tools/ <keyboard name>

Current state:

  • A configuration like the above will allow you to type things!
  • Supports Teensy 2 (ATMEGA32U4)
  • 6 key rollover
  • Modifier keys
  • Basic layer support
  • Change default layer (e.g. QWERTY to Dvorak)

To do:

  • Debouncing
  • NKRO
  • Better compile-time diagnostics
  • Debugging support
  • Rewrite of the USB code
  • Support more chips
  • Port some keyboards
  • Profile-driven optimisations


  • C++17 AVR compiler (you can build one by following these instructions)
  • CMake
  • Hardware to run it on
  • Nachos (optional)
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