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ESPiLight - pilight 433.92 MHz protocols library for Arduino

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This Arduino library is a port of the pilight 433.92MHz protocols to the Arduino platform. It was tested with a ESP8266. The aim is to transmit, receive and parse many 433.92MHz protocols, by providing a simple Arduino friendly API. This should help to implement IoT bridges between the 434MHz-RF band and internet protocols.

By porting the C modules of the pilight protocols, allows to participate on the excellent work of the pilight community. Thus, supporting many protocols for rc switches and weather stations without reimplementing them.

A list of supported protocols can be found in the pilight manual:


This library can be easily installed with the Arduino Library Manager.


Please have a look to the examples.


This library was tested and developed for the ESP8266. It may not run on a ATmega-based boards, because of memory usage.

For transmitting and receiving you need 434MHz-RF modules. More information can be found here:


If you find any bug, feel free to open an issue at github. Also, pull requests are welcome. The development takes place in the master branch. The release is used to integrate the pilight files and for version tagging, like necessary for the Arduino Library Manager crawler.

To prevent formating issues, please make sure that your code is proper formatted. We use the clang-format tool with the Google style. You can just format the code by calling

$ clang-format -style=Google -i <source-file>

Install from source

If you are interested to install this library from source, you need to integrate the pilight source files. Since Arduino build all cpp/c files in the src directory and sub directories, only necessary files from pilight will be integrated. This will be done with GNU make.

On Linux you can run:

$ git clone
$ cd ESPiLight
$ make
$ ln -s `pwd` ~/Arduino/libraries/

On MacOS you can run:

$ git clone
$ cd ESPiLight
$ make
$ ln -s `pwd` ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/


To update ESPiLight from git run:

$ git pull
$ make update

New protocols

ESPiLight only supports the 434MHz protocols supported by pilight. If you are missing any protocol, please report it directly to pilight. After the intergratrion into pilight it can be merged into ESPILight.

To report new protocols, please folow the rules of the pilight forum. It is recommended to use pilight directly. Alternativly, ESPiLight offers the pilight_debug and pilight_raw examples that mimic tht pilight counterparts.


Big thanks goes to the pilight community, which implemented all the 434MHz protocols. If you want to integrate more protocols, please contribute directly to pilight.

@janLo contributed some major cleanups and new functionalities to the library.

Other similar projects

There are other, more lightweight 434Mhz implementations:

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