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Neurosky Mindstream - System tray app to stream EEG data

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Author: Eric Blue


Email: ericblue76 (at) gmail (dot) com

Project: Neurosky Mindstream - System tray app to stream EEG data


Mindstream is a simple java-based system tray app that streams EEG brainwave data from NeuroSky devices (MindWave,MindSet). The app interfaces to NeuroSky devices using the ThinkGear Socket protocol (connecting on localhost:13854), retrieves data in JSON Format, and can "stream" to other applications. Mindstream can save the following data:

* Focus levels 
	- attention
	- meditation
* EEG values
	- delta
	- theta
	- lowAlpha
	- highAlpha
	- lowBeta
	- highBeta
	- lowGamma
	- highGamma
* Headset signal strength
	- poorSignalLevel

Streaming functions will include:

* [Currently Implemented] Saving EEG data to a CSV File 
* [TBD] Listen on a socket and replay data from localhost:13854 
	- allowing other applications to connect
* [TBD] Broadcast to a URL - supporting POST/M-POST and streaming real-time data
	- future use? Processing Javascript version of the Neurosky BrainWave Visualizer


Currently there is no installer. You can download the source and/or binary distribution: the primary executable (mindstream.jar) is located in the dist directory. There are helper scripts to execute loading the app ( for Linux/Mac and mindstream.bat for Windows). Both scripts simply execute ( java -Djava.ext.dirs=lib -jar dist/mindstream.jar).

[Current Status]

  • Alpha state
  • Streaming only supports writing to a CSV file
  • Tested on Linux and Windows with Java 1.6 and the MindWave headset

[Change Log]

  • 07/24/11 - Initial release
  • 12/04/11 - Fixed issue reported with saving CSV file (Thanks to Pei Yin) and added some exception handling messages
  • 07/07/12 - Added bug fixes from jomack and added additional error checking for issues on other platforms (e.g. Win7)
  • 01/26/14 - Tested with sample output from MindWave mobile
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