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Blockchain Explorer for Besu, Quorum and Ethereum-compatible blockchains

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Chainlens is a data and analytics platform for Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

It provides a rich API, and easy-to-use interface to provide information on the various assets such as tokens, and smart contracts deployed on blockchains.

A free developer edition is available in this repo, we also provide hosted plans for it. They are outlined below.

Free plan

This distribution of Chainlens is a free version designed for viewing public and private Ethereum networks. It supports
Quorum, Hyperledger Besu and Ethereum networks.

Chainlens Free Screenshot

Hosted plans

Web3 Labs provides hosted plans that provide additional functionality including:

  • Custom branding and hosting at a custom domain
  • Dedicated views of tokens
  • Smart contract management and source code upload
  • OpenAPI back-end
  • Integrations with business intelligence tools such as Tableau Microsoft PowerBI and Qlik
  • Production SLAs
  • Large transaction volumes (100,000,000+)

Chainlens Hosted Screenshot

The advantage of the hosted plan is that all you need to provide is a compatible web3 client endpoint, and we will do the rest.

You can view more information on these plans here, or contact Web3 Labs directly via [email protected].

Deployment instructions

This repo contains configuration to run the free version using either Docker Compose or Kubernetes.

Follow the appropriate guide to run Chainlens locally against an Ethereum, Quorum or Hyperledger Besu networks.

System Requirements

Recommended minimum system requirements.

Components Description
Memory 8 GB
Disk Proportional to the blockchain size


Chainlens is free for non-commercial use and evaluation purposes only, for further details refer to the LICENSE. To speak to use about commercial use you can email us via hi <at> web3labs.com or submit an enquiry [here][([https://pages.web3labs.com/sirato-enterprise](https://chainlens.com/contact/).

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