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Open source remake of Thimbleweed Park's engine

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:warning: This project is not supported anymore, but no worries I created a new project engge2 :warning:

engge is an adventure game engine able to run Thimbleweed Park.

It's an open source remake of Thimbleweed Park's engine.

The game is playable. What does it mean? Yes, it means you can play the game and you should be able to finish it. No, it doesn't mean that you won't face any bug. It's still a project in active development, and there are a lot of issues, don't hesitate to contribute or to fill out a bug report.



You can download the prebuilt binaries for Window, Linux and macOS here.

Look at the assets 😉


  • Buy Thimbleweed park
  • Go to your installation folder and copy these files: ThimbleweedPark.ggpack1 and ThimbleweedPark.ggpack2 to engge directory
  • engge has these following dependencies
    • ngf: Engge Framework is a C++ framework based on SDL2.
    • squirrel: programming language Squirrel, this repository contains a modified version of the official squirrel library in extlibs/squirrel
    • spdlog: Fast C++ logging library.


Have a look to this page.


Just type ./build/src/engge, don't forget the prerequisites.


JetBrains have been kind enough to supply me with a free Open Source license of CLion.

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