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Elephant is PHPHub Community Android unofficial client, base on Material Design + MVP+RxJava+Retrofit .

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PHPHub is a Forum project written in Laravel 4.2, and it is also the project build up PHP & Laravel China community.

Elephant is PHPHub Community Android unofficial client, App UI style follows the Google Material Design, architecture project using MVP mode, the data processing using RxJava + Retrofit network data processing.

Why App named "Elephant"? Because the elephant is the PHP mascot, as the origin of history, you can go here to find out.

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You can checkout the others open source projects of PHPHub in the following list.


  • App UI style follows the google Material Design
  • Translucent status bar
  • Data processing using RxJava + Retrofit
  • Scan code login
  • WebView image click event JS injection
  • Project architecture using MVP mode
  • Publish topic using markdown editor
  • Support multiple theme style switch


Build environment

  1. Min Android SDK version 4.0+
  2. Android Studio 2.2.2
  3. Gradle version 2.14.1
  4. Gradle plugin version 2.2.2
  5. Build tools version 24.0.3

Build Instructions

1.Download the source code;

$ git clone https://github.com/Freelander/Elephant.git

2.Next, Make a copy of gradle.properties.example as gradle.properties and edit the information inside;

$ cp gradle.properties.example gradle.properties

3.Finally, Will the project import Android Studio, click to run, I wish you good luck!

How should I Login?

Go to PHPHub's official website and Login with GitHub. then find your QRCode in your personal page. It should look like this:

Third-party Libraries

Project Introduction
Logger Simple, pretty and powerful logger for android
Material-Dialogs A beautiful, easy-to-use, and customizable dialogs API
BGABadgeView-Android android badge view
MultiStateView Android View that displays different content based on its state.
FloatingActionButton Android floating action button which reacts on scrolling events
commonadapter The listview and recyleview common adapter
glide-transformations An Android transformation library providing a variety of image transformations for Glide
writeily-pro The minimalist Markdown editor for Android
RxJava RxJava is a Java VM implementation of Reactive Extensions
RxAndroid Android specific bindings for RxJava
Retrofit Type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java by Square
Gson Gson is a Java library that can be used to convert Java Objects into their JSON representation
Prettytime Social Style Date and Time Formatting for Java
barcodescanner Barcode Scanner Libraries for Android
fresco Fresco is a powerful system for displaying images in Android applications.
butterknife Bind Android views and callbacks to fields and methods
materialish-progress A material style progress wheel compatible with 2.3
PhotoDraweeView PhotoView For Fresco
cwac-anddown CWAC AndDown: Markdown Utility Library
gm-mkdroid A WYSIWYG MarkdownEditor on Android
android-Ultra-Pull-To-Refresh-With-Load-More This is a modification of the Ultra-Pull-to-Refresh library which supports load-more for any view
T-MVP Use generic to depthly decoupled MVP


UI design inspired by the ZHIHU, JUEJIN app.



Copyright 2016 Freelander

Licensed under the Apache License2.0

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