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A project to generate a list of core contributers

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count all the git commits

Ruby script to parse all the git commit, aggregate every users commit count and generate a flat html page for easy viewing for all the contributes and commit counts.


First you need to clone a copy of the drupal 8 branch into your drupalcores directory

git clone --branch 8.0.x http://git.drupal.org/project/drupal.git
git clone --branch gh-pages [email protected]:ericduran/drupalcores.git pages

Once you have a git repo of drupal core in the drupal directory then you can run the cores.rb script


For the company list do:

./companies.rb > pages/companies.html

Takes a long time for the first parsing... (~1.5h) After that it uses the company_mapping.yml and company_infos.yml.

The companies.rb accepts a parameter to either force a update of all people and companies (--update-all) or to update people, which were not found (--update-not-found).

View online: DrupalCores

Do you only want the data? BAM!!!


If you want to help please just fork the project and issue a pull request.

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