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Command line client for the Drone continuous integration server.

Documentation: https://docs.drone.io/cli

Release procedure

Run the changelog generator.

docker run -it --rm -v "$(pwd)":/usr/local/src/your-app githubchangeloggenerator/github-changelog-generator -u harness -p drone-cli -t <secret github token>

You can generate a token by logging into your GitHub account and going to Settings -> Personal access tokens.

Next we tag the PR's with the fixes or enhancements labels. If the PR does not fufil the requirements, do not add a label.

Run the changelog generator again with the future version according to semver.

docker run -it --rm -v "$(pwd)":/usr/local/src/your-app githubchangeloggenerator/github-changelog-generator -u harness -p drone-cli -t <secret token> --future-release v1.0.0

Create your pull request for the release. Get it merged then tag the release.

Community and Support

Harness Community Slack - Join the #drone slack channel to connect with our engineers and other users running Drone CI.

Harness Community Forum - Ask questions, find answers, and help other users.

Report or Track A Bug - Find a bug? Please report in our forum under Drone Bugs. Please provide screenshots and steps to reproduce.

Events - Keep up to date with Drone events and check out previous events here.

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