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Click to Download Password: 5033
Supported operating systems: Windows 10 (64 Bit) | 2004 - 21H2
Supported processors: Intel & AMD (64 Bit) 




  • Views increase for videos (from Google accounts and unauthorized generated profiles).
  • Ability to boost videos via playlists.
  • Likes increase.
  • Dislikes increase
  • Subscribers increase.
  • Comments increase.
  • Watching / skipping ad.
  • Monetization clicking.
  • Rewind the first seconds of the video.
  • Smart rewinds.
  • Ability to set watch time.
  • Emulating different traffic sources: suggestions, YouTube search, home YouTube page, channel, direct visits and from other sites.
  • Profile generator (script included).
  • Farming (warm up) profiles and accounts (script included).
  • Multithreading.
  • Proxy support (http / socks): Regular, Mobile (change IP by interval or API).
  • Anonymity. The script has increased anonymity and protections against various leaks. Some standard BAS functions have been redesigned to ensure maximum security to exclude view drops and bans).
  • Highest emulation of human behavior. The view bot can do smart rewinds (if necessary), moves the mouse over the progress bar, reads description, comments, sometimes opens suggested videos, copies a link, enable pause, highlights text on a page, and much more. In general, everything is like an ordinary user does.
  • Ability to pass PVA when logging into a Google account.
  • Solving captcha in Google.
  • Support of accounts with 2fa.
  • Scheduler.
  • Ability to set different settings for individual videos.
  • The ability to increase views without Google accounts.
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