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A tiny and powerful enterprise-class solution for building lowcode tables. 轻量、强大的企业级表格可视化搭建解决方案。

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Drip Table

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📖 Introduction

Drip Tableis a dynamic table solution for enterprise level middle and background launched by JD retail. The project is based on React and JSON Schema . It aims to reduce the difficulty of developing table and improve work efficiency by simple configuration to quickly generate page dynamic table.

Drip Table contains serval sub projects: drip-table, drip-table-generator.

The introduction of each sub-project are as follows:

  • drip-table: the core library of the solution for building dynamic tables. It's main ability is to render a dynamic table automatically when received data which conforms to the JSON Schema standard.

  • drip-table-generator: a visual tool for producing configuration data that meets the JSON Schema standard in order to sent to DripTable for rendering a table and columns.


  • Basic table
  • Compound table
  • Toolbar
  • Renderer
  • Text component
  • Number component
  • Image component
  • Link component
  • Tag component
  • Button component
  • Select component
  • DataPicker component
  • PopUpPage component
  • RichText component
  • Group component
  • Custom component
  • Header slot
  • Footer slot
  • Pagination
  • Virtual list
  • Sticky
  • Sub table
  • Row selection
  • Row draggable
  • Fixed column
  • Show/Hide column
  • Edit data
  • Stripe
  • Table with border
  • Column resizing
  • Size
  • Global styles
  • Empty table prompt
  • Loading
  • Card layout
  • Filter

⬆️ Getting Start

Drip table is divided into two application scenarios: configuration end and application end. The configuration side is mainly responsible for generating JSON Schema standard data through visualization and low-code. The function of the application side is to render the JSON Schema standard configuration data into a dynamic table.

The configuration side

  1. Install dependencies

    The configuration side depend on the application side, please make sure that drip-table has been installed before installing dependencies.


    yarn add drip-table-generator


    npm install --save drip-table-generator
  2. Import at the entrance of a file

    import DripTableGenerator from "drip-table-generator";
    import "drip-table-generator/dist/index.min.css";
  3. Use components in pages

    return <DripTableGenerator />;

    Then the configuration side can be rendered normally, as the sample screenshot below:


The application side

  1. Install dependencies

    Install the drip-table:


    yarn add drip-table


    npm install --save drip-table
  2. Import at the entrance of a file

    // import drip-table
    import DripTable from "drip-table";
    // import drip-table css
    import "drip-table/dist/index.min.css";
  3. Use components in pages

    const schema = {
      size: "middle",
      columns: [
          key: "columnKey",
          title: "Column Title",
          dataIndex: "dataIndexName",
          component: "text",
          options: {
            mode: "single",
    return (

    Then the application side can be rendered normally, as the sample screenshot below:


🤝 Contribution

If you're interested in this project, you're welcome to create ✨issue. We are appreciated for your ❤️star.


  1. Clone

    git clone https://github.com/JDFED/drip-table.git
  2. Install dependencies

    lerna bootstrap
  3. build independecies


    yarn run build


    npm run build
  4. Run project

    yarn start
  • visit http://localhost:8000
  • drip-table demo page: /drip-table/guide/basic-demo
  • drip-table-generator demo page: /drip-table-generator/demo

For more commands, see DEVELOP . Please visit the official website address drip-table


Official Wechat group


MIT License

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