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ArrowDL (Arrow Downloader) is a download manager for Windows, MacOS and Linux

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ArrowDL (Arrow Downloader)

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ArrowDL is a standalone download manager for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

It aims to work with latest versions of Mozilla Firefox (powered by WebExtensions), and other web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari...).


ArrowDL is written in C++ and based on the Qt framework.

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More screenshots on the Gallery page.


Go to Download page to install the application for your operating system.

Rem: Native-Client is an alternative to ArrowDL. Click here for more information.

On Windows, you can also use the Chocolatey package to handle the installation/updates:

choco install arrowdl


Go to Tutorial page.

Under the hood

ArrowDL is a standalone application, embedding its own web engine. That is, it aims to be free and independent, and not rely on any third-party Web Browser technology.

The internal web engine is currently:

  • Google Gumbo Parser, for the MinGW and GNU versions.

    Gumbo is a small pure-C HTML5 parser (but doesn't parse Javascript)

  • Chromium, for the MSVC version.

    Chromium is a powerful web engine (parses HTML+Javascript)

When we give an URL address to ArrowDL, ArrowDL downloads the page, parses the HTML page and collects the links.

Due to rapid evolution of web technology, ArrowDL is designed to implement new parsers or add existing ones if required.

Code of Conduct

Click here for Code of Conduct.


Click here for translator guide.

Build with QtCreator on Windows

Assuming that the configured Kit in QtCreator is the auto-detected Desktop Qt 6.3.1 MinGW 64-bit (by default). (see Tools > Options > Kits)

Assuming that libtorrent is already compiled.

  1. File > Open File or Project.... Select ./CMakeLists.txt

  2. Go to page Debug. Click Configure

  3. Go to page Projects. Select Build > Parameters
    Set the values:

    • Boost_ROOT: "path/to/Boost"
    • LibtorrentRasterbar_ROOT: "path/to/libtorrent"

    Eventually, if OpenSSL path is not recognized, set explicitly:

    • OpenSSL_ROOT_DIR: "(path/to/Qt6)/Tools/OpenSSL/Win_x64"


    • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX: Chose another install path.
  4. Click Run CMake.

  5. Go to page Editor. Build. Run.

  6. To install: go to page Projects. Select Build > Parameters. In Step Build, check install amongst the targets, thus CMake will build and install.

Other builds

Click here for build instructions and tips.

License and Disclaimer

The code is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Use it at your own risk. None of the authors, contributors, or anyone else connected with this ArrowDL software and the ArrowDL add-ons, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the application.

Please be aware that this site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

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