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This repo is the official home of .NET on GitHub. It's a great starting point to find many .NET OSS projects from Microsoft and the community, including many that are part of the .NET Foundation.

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.NET Home

This repository is a starting point to learn about and engage in .NET and .NET open source projects.

This repository is not an official .NET or .NET Framework support location, however, we will respond to issues filed here as best we can. Please file .NET product issues at main project repos below.

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Please contribute to this repository via pull requests

Finding .NET Open Source Projects

Here are some excellent community-maintained lists of projects & libraries:

There are many projects that you can use and contribute to, some of which are listed below. Please do contribute to these projects!


.NET Docs

.NET Framework



Here is a short list of projects to check out:

There are additional templates available for dotnet new. For more information, see Available templates for dotnet new

.NET Foundation

Many .NET open source projects are part of the .NET Foundation. Microsoft has contributed many projects, including ASP.NET Core and .NET Core. You may want to consider joining the .NET Foundation.

Check out the .NET Foundation Forums to see what others are talking about, or start a new discussion to ask a question or make a point.


This repository is licensed with the MIT license.

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