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Doony is a series of UI improvements on top of Jenkins. Install this to make your Jenkins user experience much better.

Don't have admin access to your Jenkins instance? You can install it as a Chrome extension

Good news!

As of Jenkins version 1.570, some themes from Doony are getting merged back into the main project. Doony version 2.0 works with these updated themes.

  • If you are installing Doony on a Jenkins version older than 1.570, use Doony version 1.6 (git checkout 1.6, in this repo)

  • If you are installing Doony on a Jenkins version newer than 1.570, use the master version.

Who's Using It

Doony was made at Twilio. It's also been forked/starred by employees at:

  • Panic, Inc
  • the BBC
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • eBay
  • Groupon




  • There's a "Build Now" button on every build page. The button will redirect you to the console output of the new build. You can also easily cancel the current build.
  • The orbs are gone! Replaced with shiny circles and circular in-progress bars.
  • Click targets in the left hand menu are much bigger (they expand to fill the available UI)
  • The fonts are bigger. Way bigger.
  • "Jenkins" logo replaced with a custom color and the domain of your build server
  • More spacing in between list items.
  • Removes a lot of the useless icons
  • "Console Output" looks more like a console.
  • Replaces Courier New with Consolas.
  • Hover menus have a pointer cursor, indicating clickability
  • Text inputs are friendlier, bigger
  • Builds are zebra-striped, have more padding
  • Homepage has an option for "view console output of latest test"

Chrome Extension

If you don't control your Jenkins environment, you can run this as a Chrome extension.

  1. Clone this repo locally.

  2. Edit the matches value of the manifest.json file to contain the server names of your Jenkins servers (see Match Patterns).

  3. Run git update-index --skip-worktree manifest.json so you don't accidentally commit your manifest.json change.

  4. Open chrome://extensions. Check "Developer mode" if it's not already. Click "Load unpacked extension".

  5. Navigate to this repo and click "Open"

Installation in Jenkins

If you do install your Jenkins environment it's probably best to embed it in the default Jenkins styles.

  1. Install the JQuery Plugin

  2. Install the "Simple Theme" Plugin

  3. In Jenkins, click "Manage Jenkins", then "Configure System", then specify the CSS and Javascript URL's for this theme. You should find a place to host these, on a static server inside your cluster.

    You can use these URLs:

     # Or 2.1, depending on which version of Jenkins you are running.

    Alternatively you can let Jenkins self host these files by putting them in ~/.jenkins/userContent With the default Jenkins settings the files you use will then be:

     - http://localhost:8080/userContent/doony.css
     - http://localhost:8080/userContent/doony.js

    Here's a screenshot of the settings page:

  1. Click "Save". Enjoy!


This will "work" against the latest version of Jenkins, currently 1.532. It may work with older versions but this is not guaranteed.


  • This is very much a work in progress, feel free to file bugs/issues and I'll make improvements as I can.

  • This project is in no way intended to slam Jenkins developers. Jenkins is awesome, and unlike Travis you never get a blank screen. They are working within a series of vastly different constraints than I am. Consider:

    • they have to support every browser/platform/language
    • any change they make will make part of the userbase angry
    • every change has to be completely open-source friendly in every way


Donations free up time to make improvements to the library, and respond to bug reports. You can send donations via Paypal's "Send Money" feature to [email protected]. Donations are not tax deductible in the USA.

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