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рой (roj)

Portable environments for Docker swarms and Compose applications


Roj is a Docker management environment in a container build on native tools. It is meant to provision hosts and configure swarms with docker-machine and manage stacks with docker-compose though a Docker client.

Since all tools are run from a container, the created configurations, stored under /roj/config in the container and mounted from on a host-volume, remain portable.

You can use portainer as Web UI to your Docker endpoints.

Supported cloud platforms: Generic, AWS, Google Cloud.


On your host

  • docker >=1.9
  • docker-compose (optional) >=1.8

For remote machine access

  • access to hosts/VMs via SSH keys or
  • credentials to create machines in the cloud (see docker-machine drivers)

Getting started

Create a new directory for your roj-stacks project and add a docker-compose.yml with the following contents

  image: dmstr/roj:0.3.0
  working_dir: /roj
    - ./:/roj

By default swarm & stack configuration files will be placed into ./roj, change your desired configuration directory by updating the host-volume path on your machine.

Run the roj management container

docker-compose run --rm roj


Environment variables for the management container can be set in config/env. By default Docker configurations are also stored in this custom config directory. You may set various default for, ie. docker-machine or docker-compose here.

To add an additonal directory to PATH use ROJ_SCRIPTS_PATH.


From the management container...

Use $ boilr to create stacks from templates

Use $ docker to access the Docker daemon

Use $ docker-machine to create machines and provision discovery and a swarm.

Use $ docker-compose to run stacks

Use $ ctop for detailed container stats

Templates (experimental)

And create files from a boilr-template

$ boilr template download schmunk42/roj-stacks-template stacks    
$ boilr template use stacks .

You can always update environment configuration in config/env if needed, a management container restart is required after changing ENV variables.

TODO: Create SSH key

:bulb: Check out the docs section for specific host and/or provider requirements.





Green-blue redeployment




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