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VS2022 Add-in. Click on any method or class to see what .NET Core's JIT generates for them (ASM).

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VS2022 Add-in. Click on any method or class to see JIT's codegen and more.


Starting with .NET 7.0 RC1 this add-in no longer requires a local build of dotnet/runtime repo. However, it offers more features with a local one, to obtain a local one please follow these steps:

git clone [email protected]:dotnet/runtime.git
cd runtime
build.cmd Clr+Clr.Aot+Libs -c Release -rc Checked

# optional (for crossgen2 + arm64 for hw intrinsics):
build.cmd Clr.CoreLib -c Release -a arm64

See windows-requirements.md.

Release notes



Click on Extensions\Manage Extensions menu, select Online tab and type Disasmo in the "Search" text box. Once the add-in is installed you have to close all active instances of VS2022 to let the installer finish its job.


  • Hot-key to quickly see codegen (Alt+Shift+D by default, can be changed in VS's settings)
  • Is able to show codegen for ARM64
  • Flowgraphs and JitDumps for JIT contributors
  • Diffs
  • "System.Runtime.Intrinsics quick search" tab
  • Inliner's decisions
  • 'Run' mode. Is useful for e.g. PGO inspection

Known Issues

  • Only .NET 6.0 and later projects are supported with custom runtime
  • .NET 7.0 RC1 (or newer) is needed for non-custom runtime mode
  • I only tested it for simple Console Apps, but it should work for libs as well
  • Generic methods are only supported in 'Run' mode
  • Resharper hides Roslyn actions by default (Uncheck "Do not show Visual Studio Light Bulb").
  • The lightbulb can be slow on first launch
  • When disassembling a method from a class, the associated C# Visual Studio project or one of its project files must the active/selected in the solution explorer, otherwise it will generate a blank disassembly window.
  • When disassembling a method that uses a code coming from a NuGet package, Disasmo will not be able to find the assembly. The workaround is to copy the assembly to the disasmo folder created in the output bin folder of the project.

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