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Go SDK for Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud) - Golang API for ECS, OSS, DNS, SLB, RDS, RAM, MNS, STS, SLS, MQ, Push, OpenSearch, DM, Container Service etc.

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AliyunGo: Go SDK for Aliyun Services

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This is an unofficial Go SDK for Aliyun services. You are welcome for contribution.

The official SDK for Aliyun services is published. Please visit for details

Package Structure

Quick Start

package main

import (


const ACCESS_KEY_SECRET = "<****>"

func main() {
	client := ecs.NewClient(ACCESS_KEY_ID, ACCESS_KEY_SECRET)


Build and Install

go get:

go get

Test ECS

Modify "ecs/config_test.go"

	TestAccessKeyId     = "MY_ACCESS_KEY_ID"
	TestAccessKeySecret = "MY_ACCESS_KEY_ID"
	TestInstanceId      = "MY_INSTANCE_ID"
	TestIAmRich         = false
  • TestAccessKeyId: the Access Key Id
  • TestAccessKeySecret: the Access Key Secret.
  • TestInstanceId: the existing instance id for testing. It will be stopped and restarted during testing.
  • TestIAmRich(Optional): If it is set to true, it will perform tests to create virtual machines and disks under your account. And you will pay the bill. :-)

Under "ecs" and run

go test

Test OSS

Modify "oss/config_test.go"

	TestAccessKeyId     = "MY_ACCESS_KEY_ID"
	TestAccessKeySecret = "MY_ACCESS_KEY_ID"
	TestRegion          = oss.Beijing
	TestBucket          = "denverdino"
  • TestAccessKeyId: the Access Key Id
  • TestAccessKeySecret: the Access Key Secret.
  • TestRegion: the region of OSS for testing
  • TestBucket: the bucket name for testing

Under "oss" and run

go test



This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.


The GO API design of OSS refer the implementation from

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