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de is a programmer's editor. (Where that programmer happens to be driusan.)

It's kind of like a bastard child of vim and Plan 9's acme editor, because vim feels inadequate on a computer with a mouse after using acme, and acme feels inadequate on a computer with a keyboard after using vi.

Like vim, it's a modal editor with syntax highlighting that uses hjkl for movement. Like acme, it attempts to exploit your current OS environment instead of replacing it and tries to make the mouse useful.

See for usage instructions.

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  • Syntax highlighting (currently only Go and PHP with some basic markdown.)
  • vi-like keybindings and philosophy.
  • acme-like mouse bindings and philosophy.
  • Ability to write plugins in Go. See
  • Ability to plumb with p9p plumber. See

de screenshot

Limitations and Bugs

  • vi-like functionality not fully implemented (most notably some movement verbs like '%' are missing, and see notes in issue #1.)
  • Can not open multiple files/windows at a time. (if your workflow is like mine, it means you often save and quit, do something in the shell, and then relaunch your editor. The startup time should be fast enough to support this style of workflow.)


It should be installable with the standard go tools:

go get -u

Then as long as $GOPATH/bin is in your path, you can launch with de [filename]


There's now a #de channel on for users of this editor.

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