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MapReduce, Spark, Java, and Scala for Data Algorithms Book

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Data Algorithms Book

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The book's codebase can also be downloaded from the git repository at:

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2nd Edition! Coming Out @ the End of 2021

Upgraded to Spark-3.1.2

Production Version is Available NOW!

Data Algorithms Book

Java 8's LAMBDA Expressions to Spark...

Scala Spark Solutions

How To Build using Apache's Ant

How To Build using Apache's Maven

Machine Learning Algorithms using Spark

Spark for Cancer Outlier Profile Analysis

Webinars and Presentions on Data Algorithms

Introduction to MapReduce

Bonus Chapters

Author Book Signing

How To Run Spark/Hadoop Programs

Submit a Spark Job from Java Code

How To Run Python Programs

To run python programs just call them with spark-submit together with the arguments to the program.

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Data Algorithms Book

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