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Cypress to test everything! - Do all kind of tests with Cypress ranging from Http Redirects, Seo, Logins, Emails and much more!

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Cypress to test everything!

Do all kind of tests ranging from Http Redirects, Seo, Logins, Emails and much more!

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You can find all the examples listed inside the "examples" folder here:


  • examples/accessibility: testing for accessibility issues or A11Y with Axe.
  • examples/form-inputs: testing out different types of forms and inputs.
  • examples/gmail: testing email workflows with free Gmail accounts or with paid GSuite accounts from UI submission to email delivery.
  • examples/http-response-status: testing different http response status codes like 200/300/404 and also various redirects 301!
  • examples/mailosaur: 🏆 The Best way to test Email user flows is possible with "Mailosaur", an email service to create email inboxes to test anything, they also provide a great cypress plugin we will use!
  • examples/mailslurp: the best alternative to Mailosaur, comes a second place just cause they are pricier and with less responsive support channels!
  • examples/metatags: all search engines and social networks love metatags and we will test them out to prevent and bug, ranging from twitter:tilte, moving to title and description and finally all open graph tags like og:title or og:url and more!
  • examples/sitemap: we will prevent dead links and unwanted pages to appear from the sitemap.xml file by checking all of the sitemap links.
  • examples/stripe: Stripe is the most popular payment processing service in the world and we make some simple tests for you to get started!
  • examples/structured-data: Google loves Structured Data and we will test them without having to manually do this step by using a great NPM package called "structured-data-testing-tool".
  • examples/tesla: I really live Tesla so I will test various parts of their website to make sure they are working as expected.
  • examples/url-query: Url query parameters are the base of the dynamic web and they are used by all the main search engines to implement their search functionalities and we will test them.

Support and Sponsors

We're happy to announce we are starting to get official support from a few partners and companies to support this public project!

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🥇 Supporter
☁️ Starter plan to let us build more tests!


We're open to all community contributions!



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