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Cucumber-HTML is a cross-platform HTML formatter for all the Cucumber implementations. It's currently only used by Cucumber-JVM ~and Cucumber.js, but may be used by other implementations later~.

Update Juli 2018: cucumber-html has been inlined into cucumber-jvm. Update August 2017: Cucumber.js does not use this project.

The current thinking is to replace formatters like the HTML formatter and Pretty formatter with event-based, all-platform compatible utilities in the spirit of cucumber-pretty-formatter (a work-in-progress).


The formatter generates HTML that conforms to the HTML5 specification, so you need a modern browser to see the results.

Generating PDF

This formatter replaces Cucumber's old PDF formatter. You can easily turn a HTML report into a PDF with the excellent wkhtmltopdf:

wkhtmltopdf cucumber-report.html cucumber-report.pdf

Release process

  • Make sure pom.xml has a X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT version
  • Make sure package.json has a X.Y.Z version

Now release:

make release
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