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Automatically convert old style .csproj files into dotnet-core

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This project will automatically convert old style .csproj files into dotnet core compatible ones.

It is based primarily on the following posts:
http://www.natemcmaster.com/blog/2017/03/09/vs2015-to-vs2017-upgrade/ (read this!)

Conversion is not perfect and things may go wrong, but if you have a large project, with lots of .csproj files, it will save a lot of time.
You have been warned. Keep your backups. This code will eat kittens.


git clone <this-repository>             (or just download .zip)

cd csproj-convert

dotnet restore

dotnet run analyze <path-to-solution-file> <path-to-nuget-packages-directory-for-that-project>

Then look at the generated ouptut and edit your CustomConfig.fs to make output match your expectations.
Mostly you can ignore Skipping ... reports, as dotnet core will automatically include packages that are referenced by other packages.

When ready, just run the tool with convert flag and it will rewrite all .csproj files and delete all packages.config files.

dotnet run convert <path-to-solution-file> <path-to-nuget-packages-for-that-project>

Before that it is wise to close Visual Studio and run your variant of make clean.

After conversion, first do a dotnet restore <solution-file> before starting Visual Studio. If you are using Resharper, it is advised to temporarily disable it because it may eat all your CPU and IO when fiddling with the new code. It is also advisable to delete the .vs directory to make Visual Studio regenerate its project cache.

Things likely won't work perfectly. If some nuget references are missing or have wrong versions, then either

  • delete them completely (and add them back) in Visual Studio
  • patch CustomConfig.cs and repeat: first check the Skipping output or look at the difference between old and new project file, see under which name old package used to be included to and add the new nuget style name and version to the CustomConfig.cs, then do a git reset --hard (or its svn counterpart), rinse and repeat.


  • everything is converted into a library - you need to fix Web projects manualy by setting Sdk attribute <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web">
  • glob patterns **/*.cs get disabled


I hope you can edit this code in normal Visual Studio -- in my case VS was not happy with dotnet-core F# projects.
So I'm happily using Visual Studio Code with Ionide plugin.
Atom is also a good option, however Ionide's Atom support lags behind a little bit and doesn't provide all of its bells and whistles.


I may not respond very promptly to Bug reports, but I will pull in patch requests from time to time.
So just fork the code and commit your patches in to your own repo.

Please star this project if you like it so I can get some feedback wheather it is of any use.

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