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A client library for Brazilian Correios APIs and services (SIGEP & SRO).

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A client library for Brazilian Correios APIs (SIGEP and SRO) and services.


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$ pip install correios # basic model support $ pip install correios[pdf] # label and posting list pdf generation support $ pip install correios[api] # support for SIGEP/SRO API client $ pip install correios[pdf,api] # full installation

Update Local WSDL Files

Local WSDL files are used to increase performance on SOAP requests. Enventually you'll want to update them without having to update this lib.

If you want to maintain this files on a custom path you can pass the 'path' option with the custom path. Don't use relative paths.

Just run on shell

.. code-block::

$ update-correios-wsdl -p /path/to/your/custom/wsdl/folder

Arguments: -p, --path : Custom path where wsdl files will be saved, note that this option will have higher priority than the value of the envvar 'CORREIOS_WSDL_PATH'

Or you can use the method update_wsdl to do it.

.. code-block::

from correios.update_wsdl import update_wsdl



Fork this repository, make changes and send us a pull request. We will review your changes and apply them. Before sending us your pull request please check if you wrote and ran tests:

.. code-block::

$ make test

Also, remember to update the WSDL files:

.. code-block::

$ make update-wsdl
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