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An enthusiast take on what the Windows 10 Settings app should be and where everything is in place.

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What is ControlUWP?

It’s not a secret that the Windows 10 Settings app is not everyone’s cup of tea. The modern version of the settings control is limited and missing a majority of options you can access in the classic control panel. The new settings app is gigantic, a monster of a GUI with a lot of wasted space, hard to navigate and scattered and unintuitive to the end and many functions are simply ugly integrated.

ControlUWP app doesn't replace (currently) the native Windows 10 settings panel but tries to bring at least a little order into it. It bundles the most important locations and recommended settings in one place and you can open and execute many of them in bulk.

After a few weeks of experimentation work (sense and nonsense of such an application) around the app and concept, I decided to continue this project.

More information can be found in the blog post here


ControlUWP is fully portable but requires .NET Core Runtime 3.1

Currently it is not shipped by default on Windows 10 (and it will never be according to Microsofts .NET Team) and I dont want to publish ControlUWP as self-contained (produces an application that includes the .NET Core runtime and libraries, and all its dependencies), as this increases the size drastically.


How to contribute?

ControlUWP is free and open source, if you like my work, please consider:

  • Star this project on GitHub
  • Support me via a donation
  • Create a pull request to help me fixing bugs and implementing new features
  • Report issues and bugs here


This software uses the following packages:  ·  GitHub @builtbybel  ·  Twitter @builtbybel

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