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Interactive playground for learning how to use Jetpack Compose modifiers

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Compose Modifiers Playground

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Learn how to use Jetpack Compose modifiers through this interactive playground!

  • Quickly reorder, hide/show, and experiment with modifiers
  • Code is generated as you go, allowing you to copy/paste directly to Android Studio.

The playground comes with several templates to start experimenting from. The tool can be found under the Tools menu.

Available modifiers to use:

  • align
  • alpha
  • aspectRatio
  • background
  • border
  • clickable
  • clip
  • fillMaxHeight
  • fillMaxSize
  • fillMaxWidth
  • height
  • offset
  • padding
  • rotate
  • scale
  • shadow
  • size
  • weight
  • width
  • wrapContentHeight
  • wrapContentSize
  • wrapContentWidth
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