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PhpStorm Code Completion to CodeIgniter + HMVC

Working perfectly with CodeIgniter 3.*

How to use it:

  1. Drop the phpstorm.php file into your CI project root then PhpStorm will index it.
  2. Go to system/core/ folder.
  3. Select Controller.php and Model.php files, right click and set Mark as Plain Text.

HMVC Support

If you are using the Modular HMVC, mark as Plain Text the Controller.php file in the MX folder.

You need to add the @property tag in the class doc block:

 * Class Cart
 * @property Cart $cart Cart module
class Cart extends MX_Controller {

	 * Add product to cart
	 * @param int $id Product id
	public function add($id = 0)
		// Do it...

To load modules in other places do like it:

 * @var Cart $cart This will provide Code Completion in the $cart variable
$cart = Modules::load('cart');

Use Ctrl + Q in $cart to load documentation or help with available functions:


Usage in Views

If you want load CI_Controller or MX_Controller in a view, add a doc block as follow:

 * @var CI_Controller $this
echo $this->uri->segment(1);


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