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If you are into Python and have been writing code in Python for the last few months, you have come to the right place.

This project is for all the Python lovers out there.


This repository contains a curated list of some of the awesome small projects made in Python that you can code away this summer.

It includes analysis of different Python modules, a deep analysis of the Python statistics modules, and dataframes like Pandas.

It has some projects on classification, correlation and regression which are the fundamental building blocks of Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

The repository is still under development. Only the source code has been uploaded so far. Implementations and results using Jupyter Notebooks will be implemented shortly.

New to Python? Take a look here.


Downloading and Running

A step-by-step guide to download all the codes from here and test yourself in your local machine.

  git clone
  # Go to the corresponding directory where it gets cloned
  cd Code-Sleep-python
  cd Code-Sleep-Python  # all the codes are present Here

  pip install jupyterlab

  jupyter notebook

This will open a new jupyter notebook in your localhost where you can run all the codes and test it for yourself.

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Code of Conduct See here

Wanna Contribute ?

Its simple. Just fork/clone the repository and see the Contributing Guidelines here

Saw a BUG !!

Let me know about that. Feel free to open a new issue about any bug or problem you encounter.

New to Python ? Get Started below

Getting started with Python

New to Python? No problem! Take a look at the following resources:

Contributors :octocat:

To see a list of all contributors see here

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